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Uniform Mic Clip

Mike's Tactical is a privately held limited liability company headquartered in beautiful North Idaho. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. This was never more true than with the UMC. One of our company's founders began working as a State Trooper in 2001. He was frustrated with the lack of any commercial product that solved the problem of how to neatly and securely attach a speaker-microphone to a uniform. He had seen other officers he worked with use their wives' hair bands or make crude contraptions using cut and bent coat hangers to hang the microphone off the epaulet button. Some officers cut the epaulet and hung the microphone on it directly, causing the epaulet to sag and look unprofessional. One day in his shop, in 2002, the UMC was born. The first one was cut out of light-weight, powder-coated metal. Later versions were cut out of ABS plastic sheets using a CNC laser and then heat formed. The commercial version of the UMC is injection molded using a special material chosen for its unique ability to bend, but not break, even in relatively thin applications.

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