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Impact Radio Accessories

Our customers include some of the most demanding users on the planet – and our products must perform and adapt to their changing needs and to advancing technology. We are committed to innovation and have made significant investments in Research and Development, Quality Control, Information Technology, and Sales and Marketing support. As a result, we can offer exceptional quality products at affordable prices, while effectively servicing our customers at a level far exceeding industry standards. Impact stocks high levels of inventory to ensure we can ship your order out within 24 hours. Every Impact product has been designed by us, components and manufacturing methods specified by us, and the final product tested no less than seven times by our Quality Control specialists and then tested again before shipping to you, ensuring that everything you buy works right out of the box and keeps working out in the field. Impact now partners with the world’s largest and most profitable two-way radio dealers, international distributors and OEM companies and the toughest public safety, security and military customers now consider Impact their accessory line of choice.

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