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Astra Radio Communications (ARC)

Astra Radio Communications (ARC) is nationwide for innovative communication solutions for America’s government and military agencies. More than 300 of the federal, state, and local government agencies have chosen ARC products. ​​ARC’s unequaled standards with respect to sound quality, durability, and functionality governs ARC's Research and Development (R&D) department in the development of creative and innovative new products that exceed customer’s unique set of circumstances. Through collaborative efforts, ARC has worked with the most respected brands in the world in order to utilize the finest components available. This empowers ARC to consistently deliver the absolute best-in-class quality and performance to you and your personnel. An ongoing commitment to innovation and quality, combined with R&D resources, will provide you a source for the most complete solutions available today.​ ARC’s R&D team is always focus on creating products that enable radio communications in completely new ways. Recently​, ARC has been awarded 3 patents, and has 2 patents pending on five unique new products.

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